NHIC, Corp

  • Medicare Part A (J14) - Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont
  • Medicare Part B (J14) - Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME) - Jurisdiction A
Each Submitter (client) must do their own testing.   
Trading Partner Testing and Certification Process
  • All submitters/trading partners must be currently enrolled in Medicare EDI with an actively billing Medicare provider  
  • At this time, NHIC, Corp does not require submitters/trading partners to make appointments for testing. 
  • If at any time appointments are needed due to an increase in submitter testing, such notice will be posted on the MedicareNHIC website
  • Test files submitted to the CABBS mailbox prior to 3:00pm local time, Monday through Friday, will be accepted and processed in the nightly batch cycle. 
  • Test claims received after the cutoff time on Friday and anytime during the weekend will be processed the next nightly batch cycle.
  • An EDI specialist will review the CABBS transmission log, along with the acknowledgment transactions (TA1and/or 999, and/or 277CA) for HIPAA compliancy and billing accuracy on each inbound test file submitted.
  • Test results will be communicated to the contact listed in the 1000A PER segment of the inbound file generally within 3 business days, but will not exceed 10 business days.
  • Any errors identified on the test files must be corrected and resubmitted for validation.
  • Once the test files are approved by an EDI specialist, the Submitter/Trading Partner profile will be updated to allow the submission of production claims. 

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